Billing Options

Pricing Plans

Billable Hour

  • Set a budget for your legal services.
  • Maintain flexibility for unpredictable legal costs.
  • Save money versus utilizing a flat fee if a transaction or matter concludes quicker than expected.

This option is appropriate for ongoing business or litigation matters where the length of time necessary to complete the task or resolve the issue is unpredictable.

Flat Fee

  • Control Costs for a Project from the beginning.
  • Simplify Your Budget for Legal Fees.
  • Predictable and upfront.

This option is most appropriate for routine matters and transactions and can be negotiated on a per-task basis for ongoing legal needs.

Mixed Billable Hour and Flat Fee

  • Set an overall legal budget.
  • Maintain flexibility while ensuring legal costs are predictable.
  • Save money if a matter or transaction concludes more quickly than expected.

Enjoy the predictability of a set legal budget with the flexibility to direct funding towards specific tasks. This plan is most appropriate for matters with a set budget for legal fees, but which may also go on for an unpredictable length of time.

Payment Options

Login and pay your legal bill electronically without any additional fees. Utilize the Fortuna Law-MyCase Client Portal to view your invoice and pay your bill via ACH. Safe, secure, and convenient!

Fortuna Law PLLC is part of the ARAG Legal Insurance Network. If your employer or you has coverage through ARAG, you can submit qualified claims to ARAG for a discount on your legal fees.