Featured Services

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Entity Formation

Fortuna Law offers comprehensive services for incorporation, including:

  • Drafting your company’s articles of incorporation.
  • Drafting your company’s bylaws.
  • Setting up your corporate records book
    a) With a capitalization table,
    b) With stock certificates, and
    c) initial organizational meeting minutes and resolutions.
  • Acting as your agent in the eyes of state governments and the private sector, e.g., for legal correspondence.
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Corporate Governance

Our firm can counsel your company to grow responsibly and avoid problems down the road.

  • Making board appointments and committee formation.
  • Hiring employees and independent contractors.
  • Establishing an employee stock and options issuance plan.
  • Drafting vendor and licensing agreements.
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Private Equity and M&A

We can help you raise capital to finance your expansion.

  • Seed funding.
  • Series A and B funding.
  • Attract funding from angel investors and venture capitalists.
  • Cross-border investments and transactions.
  • Buy/sell controlling or minority interest in an entity.
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Business Litigation

Sometimes the unexpected occurs. Your company needs a counselor who has been there from the beginning to guide it through litigation.

  • Breach of contract actions (plaintiff and defense).
  • Business arbitration and settlement negotiations.
  • Founder disputes and shareholder buyouts.